Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Lots of Stuff

Thank you to those who left words of encouragement yesterday. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I have a lot to be thankful for today as always. I like Thankful Thursdays because they balance out Whiney Wednesdays. :)

Anyhow, I spoke with Donnie today and things are going GREAT at Beach Escape. God is moving in the hearts and lives of our students. This is what makes my job worth it! I love to see the kids move closer to God.

I'm also thankful that our landscaping project is JUST ABOUT complete. A couple more little things and it's done. Ahhhh! I'm so glad. Here are some pictures you've all been asking for. The before pictures are somewhat inaccurate. None of them show how bad the landscaping actually looked. Just think "white-trash-ghetto-fabulous-esque."

In the picture above, you can see one of two ugly metal Ts that were used to hold a clothes line. I actually tied Hannah's birthday balloons to them. They were ugly, rusted, and held in by about 200 pounds of concrete! Thank you garbage men for taking them!

In the picture above, Hannah and our two little neighbors are showing off their cool chalk drawing. At the top left, you can KIND OF see the start of the landscaping mess on the side of the house. There were weeds taller than me and grass growing throughout the flower bed. A persistent ground cover was also pretty nagging. 

Ha, I also just noticed the pile of weeds to the left of that, that I had already started trying to pull!

This is Hannah's birthday last year, but you can see the flower bed in front of the back porch. This really doesn't do it justice but it's a glimspe I suppose. Do you KNOW how much overgrowth can happen in a whole year of no weed pulling???

Finished product #1 NO Ts!

And here is the finished side of the house! In the back left corner you'll barely see the down spout that Matt had to reroute underground/under the sidewalk. He did a fantastic job!

Here's the finished back part. The flower bed in the back, and Matt laid the patio to the left next to the air conditioner. Down the hill to the left was redone as well. It's filled in with river rock.

Well there's that. Nothing mind blowing but SO MUCH better than it was before. And, we're TIRED!!

I'm also thankful for the gorgeous sun outside today. Hannah and I are hoping to go down to see Pappap Carl in the hospital. She always knows how to cheer him up!

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