Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Making Birthday Cakes

I've started a HORRIBLE tradition.

I've been making Hannah's birthday cakes every year.

And every year, there's more pressure to top the last one...and do whatever character she decides she wants...

I had to talk her down from Murray (from the Wiggles - I don't create edible humans) to Dorothy the dinosaur. I believe I can manage that one.

Every year I say I'm going to buy a stupid cake and every year my friends guilt me into making another one.

This year my sister asked me to help her with a Super Mario cake for my nephew's birthday. KILL ME NOW.

I think my cakes turn out pretty well...but I hate every step of it.

Every one else seems to love it.

So I'm not sure whether my tip is to give it a try or to NEVER start a tradition like this!

Either way...enjoy some of my VERY amateur work :)

This is Hannah's first birthday cake, and my first attempt at making a character cake.
Blues Clues.

For birthday number two, Hannah Banana chose Dora!

This hideous piece of garbage was Carrie's baby shower cake that LIQUIFIED after I tried to freeze it. I didn't even serve this embarrassment. It was my first attempt with fondant.

This butterfly was Hannah's 3rd birthday cake. After the baby shower cake I decided NOT to do one at all - but at the last minute, I threw this one together.

This is the most recent cake. Fresh and not even eaten yet! Well, it'll be eaten in a few hours. This is iced cake covered with fondant. Super Mario! He's my favorite I think!

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  1. Your cakes rock! I agree, Mario is #1! Love his nose! Fondant is so hard to work with! My daughter had a homemade cake just once for her Bday. I got a book from the library with amazing cakes in it, just to look at the book, really. It was sooo far ahead of her birthday, I mean many months. However, she fell in love with these cupcakes that were the 12 dancing princesses. She planned her whole party around that theme. When her part actually came, I was pregnant and having back pain, and stayed up most of the night before her party. This year, we bought a cake. So much easier and she loved it. It was worth any money I may have saved making one from scratch. By the time I bought fondant and an icing kit I think I lost money!


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