Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Friday/Scrumptious Saturday

We spend a couple days in Lake Erie this weekend for a lovely little getaway.

It was much needed but I didn't want to spend the money. After coaxing from my husband and EVERYONE else, it didn't look like I had much of a choice, and I must say, I'm glad we went.

We booked at hotel that had an indoor swimming pool and hot tub as well as a continental breakfast. We first stopped at the beach and it was so nice there, we ended up staying all day! We had packed our lunches to eat there and Hannah Banana even slept on the beach!

We then checked into our hotel, ate a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse, went to downtown Erie on the bay side, stopped at the mall to let Hannah jump in one of those trampoline things, got ice cream, went swimming at the hotel and then CRASHED from exhaustion!

We woke up the next morning had breakfast, went swimming, went to the Erie Zoo, had lunch at Sara's Diner and to our dismay, the bike rental shop was closed. THE ONLY ONE AROUND. BLAH! I was SO disappointed! So we decided to drive to the Grove City Outlets to do some SHOP SHOP SHOPPING. I got Hannah some school clothes and Matt did some Gap shopping.

We had a lovely time and ate WAY too much.

Today Hannah and I stopped at my grandma's and she made us spaghetti for lunch. Scrumptious!!

Have a great holiday weekend and eat well!

At the Erie Zoo over 3 years ago. A little blast from the past.

At the polar bear exhibit at the zoo in 2009.
Sleeping on the beach.
In one of those bungee things at the mall. She is so funny!
We had other cute pictures on the beach...but I'm not posting bathing suit pictures!!
How sweet is this??

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