Monday, September 28, 2009

Money Monday - Big Spender vs. Nerd

You're one of them.

There's this notion that everyone falls into one of these categories.

Are you the one who spends money here, justifies a purchase there, sneaks money from the ATM as you drive past? You gotta live life right??

Or are you the nerd? The one who gets a financial high from making pretty spread sheets and making formulas that will forecast your financial future? Save now, rich later.

Pick one.





I suppose you'd call Matt the spender...but he's not. He's not a full fledged nerd because he's too laid back to be one, but when we were first married, I was the one who panicked about money all the time. When I got pregnant, and was working AND going to school full time, Matt took over the finances for a little while but I'm so anal, it wasn't long before I nagged my way back into it....I'm so easy to be married to. ;) He goes with the flo and never wants to be in debt again.

I have my own set way of doing things. The checking account needs to be reconciled the day it comes in the mail. I almost become oddly giddy when it balances to the penny...and on the very off chance it doesn't, I will not quit until I find that penny...and if I find a transaction that I wasn't notified about, I get miffed. 

We have very specific places we put out debit receipts and everything is filed in an efficient manner! I AM A NERD. Bills are paid within a day of arrival and sometimes I pay them early to avoid installment fees (like car insurance).

I keep $100 hidden in our checking account on the off chance a mistake is made. I have nightmares about overdraft fees. 


I think we need to embrace the importance of each and come together in the middle. Without a spender, the saver would be a cranky tightwad who had no fun other than looking at spreadsheets on a Saturday night.

Without savers, spenders would go off the deep end, using credit cards for pack of gum and vending machines!! 

Work together!

Who's the nerd in your house? Who's the spender? Why are you/they classified as such??

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