Monday, September 21, 2009

Money Monday - Coming Up

Well, I must say, it's not taking me long to learn to enjoy spending money! We actually spend $50 on 2 pairs of shoes for Hannah...usually I'd cap it off at one pair for $15 or less!

Next month, we're having someone come in to do some preventative maintenance on our furnace. I don't feel like dealing with it, and I'll feel better knowing it's clean and ready to go for winter!

We're also planning on finishing our attic (by the end of next month hopefully.) I want to get moving on our basement and there's so much STUFF down there, finishing the attic will give us the space we need.

As far as I'm hearing, this is not an expensive job, just labor intensive. WHAT ISN'T?! So hopefully we can finish the project for less than $500. We have a good friend who is willing to help us get started because putting an attic door in the ceiling is something we're not familiar with and he is. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We're planning to run some electricity up there too. I'm very excited for the finished project!

I'm NOT in this post advocating creating more space for your junk! Because our house is so small, I'm very picky about what stays around here. But, I have tons of baby stuff sitting in my basement and I'm not going to get rid of it until I'm done having babies! Aside from some breakables that I'm not putting on display until my children are older, that's really all that's down there...It's just a lot of stuff.

In other news, we will be 20% done with our 3-6 month emergency fund this week! Slowly but surely!

So, that's where some of the money is going this month.

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