Monday, September 7, 2009

Money Monday - Priorities

Part of managing your money is knowing what your priorities are when it comes to spending it.

It is sometimes hard for me to watch other people spend their money. At times I'll scratch my head and wonder what people are thinking when they buy things or flippantly spend money. But ultimately, I know people probably think the same thing about us.

We are CHEAP. Too cheap sometimes. My friends all know it and they make comments like "I know even YOU can't pass this deal up." I don't care if people think I'm cheap. In fact, I wear it like a badge of honor!

But if I'm ever feeling judgmental, I ask myself, what do people think about me (besides being obnoxious about Dave Ramsey and freedom from debt?) Do people think I'm nuts for spending thousands of dollars at a nutritionist, but never buying myself prepackaged foods or an article of clothing?

It's all about priorities. Our financial goals are different from yours most likely, but we know where we're willing to spend money. The benefits of holistic treatment has proved to be worth the extra expense for us.

This is not an excuse to blow your money, this is an opportunity to strategically PLAN where you'll spend your extra dollars and your income. Know where it's going. Track your spending for a few months, then take a long hard look at it. Does your spending reflect where you want your priorities to be? Does it reflect who you think you are? Do you like what you see?

If you can look at your spending and say, "I'm happy with where we put our money." then you're on the right track. If you're not happy with where your money is going, then it's time to set some goals in order to get where you want to go.

Ultimately, God has blessed you with whatever income you have. We owe it to him to glorify him with it in how we spend our money. Remember, every family has different priorities, and that's okay - just make sure your priorities ARE a priority. Make sure your outflow reflects the person you want to be.

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