Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Paper Towels

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately.

I enjoy it.

Today I tried for the first time to use half whole-wheat flour in my bread. It came out perfect. Hours of work and the loaf is half gone. Matt loves home made bread!!

Anyway, I'm always using tons of paper towels in the kitchen...cleaning a counter here, wiping a spill there, washing my hands 8 million times!! It becomes expensive and wasteful.

So, to fix this problem, I have been using a dish towel. I pull it through a belt loop in my jeans and use it for whatever. Once I'm done cooking, it goes in the wash. It seriously cuts back on paper towel use, and it's very convenient!

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  1. I simply cut up old t-shirts,etc.. and put them in a decorative container on the counter where the paper towels were, and use them. If they get nasty.. throw away. Otherwise, wash and reuse! Using cloth napkins also!


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