Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Friday - Preserving Memories

I love scrapbooking and I'm ALWAYS behind.

My good friend Alea has two kids (one is an infant) and she's never behind. You can check out her latest work here.

I'm always a YEAR behind.

I was talking with a friend about getting together last night to get some work done. By the end of the day both of us were so exhausted, we decided to forego our plans until another day.

As I sat on the couch that night around 9pm I was thinking, I'm never going to get caught up!! So I decided to pull myself off the couch (stupid girl) and get started, 11 completed pages and five and half hours later, I went to bed caught up to a year behind again.

I'm going to get some more pictures developed today and hopefully get into the start of December...but we'll see :)

It's important to preserve your family memories. I'd like to say your kids will thank you but here's the reality: If you do it, they won't care, and if you DON'T do it, you'll never live it down. But it is a fun and creative outlet for those inclined.

Enjoy a few pictures of some of the work I got done last night.

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  1. I like your pages! Very cute! You scrapbook like I do.


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