Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ok, is it just me or are the changing leaves this year more beautiful than any other year, ever???

Maybe it's because of all the sun we've been having, or my spectacular moods.

The trees are just so vibrant and bright. I've been taking the time to gaze in awe at the beauty that God has created of each season, literally and figuratively speaking.

Hannah and I went to the park on Monday evening. The weather was beautiful and crisp.

No one was there.

It was quiet.

Just me and my favorite kid!

I got to revel in the sound of her giggle as we played tag, and pretended that the play area in Paradise Park was the magical castle of a witch, and we had to free all of the magical princesses (her figurines) the witch had shrunk. We had to tiptoe through the castle and reverse the spell to make them big again.

How fun is that!?

We played "spider" on the swings where she loves to laugh and snuggle! MY FAVORITE!

Then, as soccer practice started, we watched out neighbor coach one of the girl teams while Hannah pretended to be a cheerleader.

What a beautiful season, what a beautiful family.

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