Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Friday - Christmas Fun

Little Hannah Banana is sick :( BOO!

But I secretly admit I enjoy the random day to keep her home from school and spoil her with special "sick-day" things like pineapple juice, chicken noodle soup, and freeze pops.

When Hannah is sick, she becomes exceptionally hyper...I have no idea why...and forget the medicine, it only makes things worse!

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm totally into Christmas this year and I'm proud of it! Hannah is so excited to do everything and I love to live the excitement of childhood again through her. That said, we put the tree up last week. I've always despised putting the tree up because my old tree was much too large for our SMALL house and there was no where to put it. Lights were another issue because - I like a ton of them and really DON'T like putting them on and taking off the tree. Those are just two issues - putting on EACH INDIVIDUAL branch of the tree and trying to figure out a tree stand follow closely behind!

So, for $40 I bought a pre-lit pencil tree and it's perfect. I only had to move Hannah's little recliner and it fits next to my hutch. SO EASY. I put the three pieces together WITH Hannah in about 30 seconds, plugged it in, and called it a day. Seriously...couldn't be easier.

She loved decorating, having a little tree in her room (on which has all the ornaments she STOLE from the big tree), buying mini-bulbs for that tree, and dancing like crazy to Christmas music.

Now our tree is not has a hodgepodge of sentimental ornaments and that's the way I like it.

So this year I say BUH-HUMBUG to those who are complaining that it's too early to start Christmas. While usually that's me, this year I adamantly disagree. It's never too early - or too late - to celebrate the most fantastic birth in history!

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