Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Friday - Progress on the Attic

Well, I've been talking about the attic and Matt's making progress. While I've never heard him yell so much as he has on this project, he's doing a FANTASTIC job! I can't wait to use it for storage.

These pictures show him installing the insulation. He got almost all of it done that day. He has one small part to do and then he'll begin getting the wood up there for the floor. We're noticing a draft coming from where the door is, so we're going to probably have to get a $100 cover to put up there to block it out.

Here's the attic door that Lee and Matt put in. No more crawl space in the closet. The original insulation was white, disgusting and falling apart (almost nonexistent) as it is as old as the house, which was built in 1947.

Look at the pink fluffiness of the new stuff. If it didn't destroy the human body, I'd love to make an insulation snow angel! Ok, that's weird, but it still looks awesome! More pictures when it's done :)

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