Monday, November 2, 2009

Money Monday - Sweet Deal!

I'm so excited.

Some of you know we do not have a Christmas tree. I threw away the one I've had for years that my parents had for YEARS before that. It's too big for my house. There's just no room for it. My friend Carrie insisted I had to put up a tree last year or I would scar my child for life, so she gave me a small table top one that worked beautifully!

I've been looking for a 6.5 ft pre-lit pencil tree. I should have bought one at the end of last season but I didn't.

They're hard to find under $80. I just don't want to spend that.

Well, I went to Pat Catan's the other day and found EXACTLY what I wanted for 75% off!! I got a tree with all of my stipulations for $39.99. Now that's a savings. If you need a tree, that's the place to go!

They also have gingerbread houses for $7.98! That's a steal for how much fun those things are to build with your kids!

So what are some other inexpensive things to do with your kids this time of year when you're trying to save for the holidays?

Jump in the me, it's just as fun as when you were a kid.

Bake pumpkin muffins, or apple muffins, or any muffins! Apples and pumpkin are seasonal produce and inexpensive right now and kids love to bake in the kitchen! Hannah and I made pumpkin waffles on Sunday and they were a hit.

Collect pretty leaves and imprint them on paper with a crayon! Or, make a "hand turkey" and use leaves for the feathers!

Go to the playground! Who says that just because it's cold you can't play outside? Just bundle up and plan to be outside for less time. Fresh air is good stuff!

Go to the library and read books about Thanksgiving or fall. We love Max and Ruby's "Ruby's Falling Leaves." Many libraries have free activities weekly for children.

I love season changes because things become new again. You can find enjoyment in the every day things. You don't need to spend money to have a good time.

When you do have to spend money though, keep looking for those good deals! There out there!

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