Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Get the car together!

Oh my...my car is a MESS! I'm hoping to have it cleaned out AGAIN by the time this is published. I don't know WHY I can't keep it cleaned.

A lot of it is because Hannah insists on bringing toys in the car. She comes with me to work most days, so we have bags of toys, lunch bags, book bags, work bags, coupons, wrappers, coats, shoes, and GARBAGE. I'm awful at keeping the car clean! I just can't carry everything in with me when I'm coming in the house and I'm too exhausted to make two trips.

Because I need to have my car inspected, I need to clean the inside out...because if I do, the dealership will wash and vacuum my car.

So, my tip to you today is to get your car cleaned out! Tests have been done to show that dashboards are NASTY breeding grounds for bacteria...and moms with small children have the germiest cars!

Keep a shopping bag in your car for garbage and a container of wipes to clean up messes. This will help keep junk to a minimum. We all know it's impossible to keep the car clean all the time, but small things like a bag for toys can help just a bit!

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