Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Hot Spots

What's a hot spot?

We all have them. It's those little piles, those hidden spaces where you shove things you don't feel like putting away, those junk drawers, the kitchen table where the junk mail goes, your night stand, the top of the fridge...you following?

A hot spot is a place where little piles of clutter accumulate. The space may have a purpose but it ends up being filled with various items that usually can be tossed.

Last night I cleaned out a recipe box where we keep our gift cards. Here's what was in it.
The gift cards of course
Two glass candle holders with half melted votives
1 million receipts
Random keys

(Please tell me you have spaces like this!)

I also cleaned off the top of the fridge:
3 random empty containers
Leftover candy
Glass sugar/flour canisters
Light bulbs
Hannah's chore list
A childhood book of mine

(I can't believe I'm listing this stuff, it's embarrassing)

I also threw away a shopping bag full of stuff from my linen closet, but there really wasn't anything interesting in there except for a ton of expired medications and eye drops!

I like to think of myself as anti-clutter. My house gets messy, but I really try to keep on top of filing papers, recycling junk mail, and getting rid of stuff I don't need. I am NOT a pack rat! But, we all have spots where we throw thing in a pinch. We all have places that just become out of control.

Today's tip is to get up and just clear off one spot...it might be your cosmetic bag or your computer bag...just do one little spot. You'll feel good and you'll be amazed at the space you give yourself.

I gotta tell you. People spend a lot of time whining about a lack of space when they've filled every inch of there life with clutter and junk. Start looking at what you really need to hold onto before you complain about not having more junk drawer space!

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  1. The top of out fridge is a definite "hot spot" just because even with a stool, the kids can't reach up there. Ours holds two piggy banks, the kids' paint supply box, random annoying toys, and on and on and on... Part of that problem is that I can't easily reach it either. So, once it touches the top of the fridge, there it stays. The layer of dust up there is phenomenal!

    I'd like to see actual photographic evidence of your "clutter". Some how, in my mind, I imagine that even your clutter is organized. ;)


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