Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - Have a little fun

We just don't have enough fun! There's always too much to do, and I've been struggling with that myself lately. I feel guilty as a parent for not spending enough time with my daughter and my husband. I'm not laughing enough and I'm not who I want to be. So, today I'm posting two fun videos.

The first video is of Hannah astonishing me reading a book she's never seen before. I knew she was picking up on things, but it's just so weird to hear her READ.

The second is our youth staff video we just completed for Nexus. It's good for a laugh if you've already seen Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me. You should click the link and watch it right on YouTube thought because for some reason my blog is cutting off the right side of the video.

So, stay healthy emotionally today. Do something fun with your kids or something to boost your own spirits

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  1. I love the videos that you guys do for Nexus! I'd love to be a part of that. Do you need any extra help on Sunday nights?


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