Monday, December 28, 2009

Money Monday - Car woes.

Well, the day before Christmas Eve, our junker 1999 Ford Escort with 115,000 miles bit the dust for good.

An interesting and eventful death of the car had to be necessary, right?

Matt broke down on a horrible road (think steep hill with a stick shift, sharp bend, no shoulder) as we were taking the car to a transmission guy a few miles away. Only when Matt called the repair place we had just picked it up from did the mechanic tell him it wasn't safe to drive. Thanks a bunch.

While Matt was waiting (less than 15 minutes) for the $60, cash-only tow truck (because people with cars that are a piece of crap always have $60 cash on them) a police car comes,  sirens blaring, to tell my fierce looking husband that if he doesn't move the car it will be impounded.

During the aforementioned 15 minute wait, the police officer made my husband call the tow company a SECOND time to make sure he was coming because I think he REALLY wanted to impound the piece of crap.

I'm running around like a madwoman, getting cash for Matt and trying to get his cell phone out of the car we were borrowing that had it's keys locked in it....Ah yes, a delightful day.

All that to be said, it's going to cost $1000 to fix the car and that's before the inspection due in January that I know it would fail. We decided to donate the car to a good cause.

Luckily, we have an inexpensive car available to us immediately and we will begin aggressively saving for a new one (instead of another Disney vacation) so we're poised and ready to purchase a newer car next time.

It's nice not to be worried about it!

The basement remodeling project is on hold until we can finish our fully funded Emergency Fund complete and money for a car secured...Hopefully around $15,000. What a lofty financial goal. Hopefully that will be complete by July?? Can it be done??? We'll see!

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