Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spiritual Sunday - Why can't we just trust?

If you can master faith - you've won.

It is difficult, isn't it?

I'm beginning my journey of reading the Bible - cover to cover -  in 3 months. I was going to start in January - but why wait, right?

Today (which is really last Monday - I wonder where I actually AM today in my journey) I read the first 17 chapters of Genesis. It seems like a lot, but I can read the entire Twilight series in two weeks....which puts my Bible reading to literal shame.

I am ashamed.

So anyway, I'm back to enjoying the stories of The Beginning and have so many things to think about.

Take Abraham. God promised him...audibly promised him...that he would be the father of many, more numerous than the stars in the sky. He came to him in visions and signed a literal contract with fire.

So, did Abraham say, "Awesome God! Whenever you're ready!"?

Nope, he and Sarah didn't believe him. Sarah was having a difficult time getting pregnant. They were both impatient. So they took matters into their own hands. Have you ever done this? (I only do it most days.)

HELLO BUDDY?! Didn't God like, promise you??

Sarah insisted that Abraham sleep with her servant and she would have a son through her...poor Hagar. Sarah literally laughed in God's face, disbelieving his promise of a son to her.

Hagar ends up running away for a while in fear before returning to give birth to Ishmael...who is referred to as a "wild donkey." Ishmael's descendants are STILL causing problems in the world today.

God does keep his promise, exactly as he said he would (in his time of course) and gives Sarah a son from her own womb, Isaac. Isaac loved God and followed him passionately.

Ok, so I think you can figure out where you and I fit in, right? How are we supposed to have faith when Abraham and Sarah failed and they had God screaming in their faces?

I don't think that's the point.

The point is, God keeps his promises.

Along the way, you and I try to take things into our own hands because we get tired of waiting. Maybe we think we heard him wrong; and we cause all sorts of trouble for ourselves.

Stay on the path. God is always true to his Word. If you look back on your life, you can always see that He came through at the perfect time...and he will this time too.

I pray today that the peace of God's promises to you fills your life.

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