Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Christmas Card Clutter

I never know what to do with all the Christmas Cards we get. I don't LOVE to tape them to a wall or door because it just seems like clutter to me...plus they fall down.

A couple years ago someone, as a gift gave us a little photo album in a sweet little cloth Santa Claus pouch with a little handle perfect for hanging on the front door knob.

I have a touch-it-once philosophy when it comes to mail so this is perfect. I open the cards when coming into the house and after enjoying looking at them - I stick them in this cute little pouch. Clutter free!

Then, I can use the fronts of the ones I like best in my scrapbook!

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  1. Hey...I just noticed this picture uploaded backwards and Santa is saying OH! Instead of HO!


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