Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - Change One

The holidays are here and I'm sure most of us are THINKING about our waistline but now isn't really the time to start shrinking it, is it?

A while back I read about a concept in Reader's Digest called Change One. I've not studied it in depth but I believe I follow that principle in more than one area of my life

If you think about an area of your life that's out of control: your house cleaning, laundry, weight, eating habits, budget, family time, work, schedule etc. you can apply this principle.

Change one thing about the way you housekeep. Make your bed every morning for a week before adding another habit OR make sure your sink is clean each night before bed, OR do one load of laundry a day. Do not add another habit until you're comfortable that you've mastered the first habit.

Do you have a hard time keeping track of debit purchases? Just start by having one place that you put your debit receipts, mine is ALWAYS my wallet. Receipts go right in there, OR maybe you need to balance your checkbook. If you do that stuff, maybe you need to create a simple budget. As with housekeeping DO NOT add another financial habit until you've mastered the first one you choose.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I try to do everything at once and then I quit on day two (or halfway through day one). So if you need to get your health in check, pick one: exercise for 10 minutes every day starting today, OR add a piece of fruit to each meal OR start a multivitamin. Give yourself time before adding anything else.

The whole CHANGE ONE principle is just that, you make small changes that eventually add up to big change. It's not so unnerving that you quit because you can't do it all. It's about setting reasonable goals for yourself and reaching them before you make another small change.

Don't blow your health this holiday season. We're talking about 5 days max - Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. Make smart choices this month and CHANGE ONE!

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