Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

Well, I've been missing in a social sense...and some of you have noticed.

It's nice to be missed. It's not nice to be missing.

Things have been very difficult for my family recently. I have not had the desire to talk openly about "it" or really anything very much, but as life develops into a new sense of "normal" I feel like someday I might feel whole again, but who knows?

I'm grateful for the family I've been blessed with and thankful to Jesus Christ for holding my hand all day everyday.

No one said this life was easy. If it was, we would have no need for a Savior.

Thank you to those of you who have been thinking of me. When you have a personality like mine - that's "out there" every day, there is no hiding.

I'm beginning to get the itch to begin blogging again and hope to be back at it very soon. I hope that my handful of faithful readers will stick with me through a time of sporadic posting.

Much much love to you all.

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