Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

I have good intentions on posting regularly - really I do; and you'd think

being cooped up in this house for a week would mean I was very on top of it. Well, you'd be wrong then. After my little hiatus from the computer, I find myself on it less. If I see an email when I walk past the computer, I'll check it, but I don't sit here for hours on end.

Anyhow, being stuck in the house is NOT good for the waistline, I'm finding. Matt, in the last two days has told me I'm "dominating in the kitchen" and that I'm a "cooking machine." Both are compliments I guess, but that also means, we're EATING A LOT! I really enjoy cooking and you'll get a FANTASTIC new blueberry muffin recipe this Saturday (and I'm about to eat one right now!)

I've made huge vats of soup, sausage and peppers, granola, muffins and cookies. I'm enjoying it! The size of my behind is not.

Anyhow, I digress.

During times when you're cooped up, you're far less active and burn far less calories than on a normal day of running around. So, I just want to remind you to get some movement in. Have a dance party with the kids or do one my favorite Fitness TV exercises on Comcast OnDemand. Your belly and butt bulge will thank me!

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