Monday, March 15, 2010

Money Monday - Back to Basics Part 5b - How to make a few extra bucks

Last week we talked about budgeting and getting $1000 into your emergency fund.

Here are some ideas on how to make a few extra bucks for that to happen:

Get a second job.

Babysit kids inside your home.

Clean houses.

Work at a day care.

Sell things you don't need on craigslist or ebay

Have a garage sale.

Make money doing something you really love. (gardening, pet sitting, scrap booking, cooking, crafts, sewing)

Cancel/reduce cable

Raise car/health/homeowners insurance deductibles and/or search cheaper plans

Plan meals to reduce grocery budget (go meatless some nights)

Stop buying junk food/pre packaged food

Turn your thermostat down a few degrees (we keep ours at 60 most of the time in the winter)

Shut lights off!

Take quicker showers to reduce water bills

Combine errands so you use less gas

Stay home more

Clip coupons, shop at discount stores like Aldi for as much as you can

Sell cars with high balances/payments and drive a cheap car - (take out a small loan if you're upside down)

There are just a few. Get creative!!

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