Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Easy way to eat more veggies.

I really do hate DOING the tip I'm about to give you, but when I do it, it makes life SO MUCH easier and we eat a lot more veggies instead of having them go bad in the fridge.

When I get home from the store (or the next day) I take all of my grapes, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, etc and I wash and slice them all. For the grapes, I'll wash them, remove them from the stems and put them in a large zip top baggie with a paper towel to absorb moisture. Sometimes, if I'm feeling extra zealous, I'll individually pack sandwich baggies full for Matt to just grab and take to lunch.

This makes it so much nicer if I want to snack on some veggies and hummus, or if I want to chop some up into a salad.

Take a little extra time now, to save some later

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