Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Home Remedies

Hannah and I have been SO SICK this past week.

We've been battling coughs, fevers, congestion and the achies! YUCK!

Here are some of my personal tried and true remedies when you feel yucky.

Mix 1 tbsp honey with 1 tsp cinnamon:
              Good for Sore Throat/Cough
              Tastes really good!
              Safer than medicine
              Repeat as often as needed

Pineapple Juice
             Good for Sore Throat, all over achies
             Has more vitamin C than OJ and is less acidic making it easier on the belly
             Keeps you hydrated

            Makes it easier to breath
            Keeps your throat from getting overly dry

Chicken Soup
           It feels so good on your throat
           It's proven to make you feel better!

Vicks (or the baby natural Vicks)
          Slather a thick layer on feet under clean socks
          Good for reducing Coughs

          Ok, this isn't a home remedy, but sometimes you just need a little push to feel better.

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