Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Friday - Holiday Weekend

This weekend will consist of spending a lot of time packing and finishing up details on the house. I have a BAZILLION phone calls to make!

My poor husband is exhausted. He's been going NON STOP and can barely walk on his ankles and knees. Too Too Much! I'll be so glad when we're settled.

I'm excited to spend time with family and friends for Memorial Day. The weather looks PERFECT!

It's definitely a park day! So, amidst, working, exercising, cleaning, packing, paying bills, phone calls and grocery shopping, I need to fit in some PLAY TIME - and so do you.

Don't forget to make QUALITY time with your little ones (or your big one) today. Quality time is so important and I notice a huge difference in Hannah's (and Matt's haha) behavior when I give her my undivided attention at points throughout the day.

I must move on to the next thing now (as I've been up since 5:30 and will crash hard around 2pm) so I leave you with a picture from a Memorial Day's past. Hope yours is great!

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