Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Friday - Memories

Here's a picture of my dad's parents. Isn't my grandma beautiful? My grandfather dapper? Well, I say dapper, but really, rumor has it that he used to wear windshield wipers on his glasses - which is precisely why we love him as much as we do - here on earth or up in heaven.

I wish I had taken a picture of it...but in my grandma's family room, 3 ENTIRE WALLS we're COMPLETELY covered with photographs. Baby pictures, graduation pictures, family, pictures etc of her parents, kids, her 11 grandkids,  8 grandkids in-law, 12 great-grandkids and on and on and on (and of course my Aunt Patty's nursing picture - a family favorite.)

Since she has moved into her apartment and doesn't have room for these pictures, we thought it might be nice to put the photographs into an album. I had to do some handiwork, but they all fit into one album.

On those walls, so many years, so many generations, and so many memories. Where has the time gone? I sat and untaped baby pictures of myself, my siblings, and my cousins. Pictures of us that were TAKEN in the very house we're moving our family back into. Surreal.

Hannah's going to sleep where I slept, eat where I ate, take baths where I bathed, ride her bike where I rode mine...I love it.

As much as I've been able to set my emotions aside, there's something sad about it all. The pictures are gone off of the walls. We won't have all the cousins together for Christmas dinner there with grandma's homemade raviolis and stuffed artichokes (my favorites). I don't know. It's almost like, for a time, those memories were graspable, but now they have turned to smoke.

Luckily, grandma is thoroughly enjoying herself in her new home, having delicious meals made for her and contemplating Wii bowling. It's so hard to catch her on the phone these days - she's a social butterfly.

But, tonight I'm reminded to have no regrets, to make the most of every moment and find joy in every situation - which means it's time to play Candy Land.

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