Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Friday - Missing Family Time

I'm overwhelmed. We've (and by "WE" I mean - not me) been painting the new house and just getting so much done. I can't remember anything! I really think that things are going more smoothly than most home sales/moves, it's just all so much to keep track of.

Every time I think I'm feeling better, I get hit again with nausea. The tiredness has never gone away which is fine. Luckily, Hannah loves napping together these days, so I'm getting enough sleep, but I'm not getting anything done around here!

I'm sorry for my sporadic blogs which have a huge lack of flow. Like I said, I'm having time putting my thoughts together.

All this to say - I'm missing my family time! I'm used to having Matt come home from work and take over. He helps me with dinner, plays with Hannah and puts her to bed (I'm spoiled). He's been getting up at 5:30am working all day and then working at the house. He's still trying to help me out, but he's only one person! I miss our talk time. We usually go to bed at the same time and talk. Now, I'm passed out before he gets home and he's gone before I wake up!

I can't complain, out life is so good. I'm just remembering why I said we'd never move again when we bought THIS house! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. Okay....if you can find me at least 5 guaranteed sessions near you, paid in advance, and flexible enough to be done when your baby arrives...I will fly out to do newborn pictures for you. :)


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