Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on the Baby

Sorry blog followers. You might be hearing about the munchkin in my belly a lot for a while. It's all-consuming.

Last Friday I had a standard procedure done that cause some great fear regarding the baby.

I ended up in the emergency room Sunday afternoon - hysterical that we were losing the baby.

Thank GOD after just a minute, the nurse found the heartbeat (170bpm) on the doppler - which usually doesn't even work before 10 weeks. I grabbed the nurses arm and burst into tears. She then lost the heartbeat because I attacked her - Sorry nurse.

We had an ultrasound done and the baby looked good. My body didn't appear to be miscarrying - but the ER doc didn't really know what he was doing. All said and done - my issues seemed to be coming from the "standard procedure" and not my little one inside.

Fast forward to today - after too much internet surfing.

I was in a panic. WHAT IF? WHAT IF? WHAT IF?

My lack of faith and abundance of fear got the best of me and I called the doctor to see if they would just check the heartbeat. The nurse was sweet as pie and told me to come in. She had a hard time getting a good read on the doppler because I'm only 10 weeks so she snuck me into ultrasound.


I can't believe how quickly the baby has grown. There it was, heartbeat thumping away at 164 and the little arms and legs moving around. Brings me to tears every time.

So, now I need to relax. Everything is fine. After 4 ultrasounds - EVERYTHING IS FINE :)

Check out my little pookie...


  1. How sweet!!! Baby we are so excited to see your gorgeous profile! Keep your faith and don't be anxious - I know easier said than done. This baby has soooo much prayer behind it!!!!


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