Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Milestone

I'm officially finished with my first trimester! Woo hoo! It's gone by fast. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I can't WAIT to hear the heart beat again. I CAN wait to get on the scale. Blech.

I'm feeling huge. I'm definitely showing much earlier than I did with Hannah - and no matter what anyone tells me, I'm starting to feel movement in there. I felt Hannah move at 14 weeks and I'm well aware of what gas feels like.


  1. I felt Bing move early, too. Even my sister felt him move. So, I believe it! Congrats and the belly is adorable!

  2. I felt Dimitri early too! I swear I felt him at like 10 or 11 weeks! Look hot big momma!


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