Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Friday - HUH?

Life has been a blur the last couple weeks. I'm just plugging along trying to get stuff done. The big moving day is tomorrow and I'm wondering where all the boxes in my basement are going to go! That makes me so nervous!

We have a ton more closet space in this house, but my basement is FULL of boxes that need to be moved over. Our basement is living space, not storage space in the new house. I just don't know where it's going to all go - and the task of unpacking seems so daunting to me!

My mom has been a huge help. She has been here two days this week helping me move boxes over and unpack them. Hannah's room is just about complete and my kitchen is stocked - which is unheard of I think! But, there is so much more to bring.

I guess, the title of this blog is "Huh?" because I don't know what family time is lately! BUT, one thing I do know is that, in a crunch, my family pulls together. Besides the fact that my poor mother is lifting huge boxes and solid wood furniture, ALONE, while my pregnant-self "supervises," Matt and I just seem to work together throughout the day to get stuff done. It's so refreshing to me to work together.

Hannah has been a sweet little joy. As soon as we get to the new house - she's off entertaining herself in her bedroom, downstairs in the family room, riding her bike, or hanging out on the deck picking the seeds out of helicopters for her "collection."

All of these things make it easier to transition from old house to new.

On a side note - My child is amazing - She just got out of bed (6:15am - not so amazing) and the first words out of her mouth are wishing me a Happy Birthday! I LOVE HER!

Well, my morning ramblings must end, so this long day can begin.

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