Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spiritual Sunday - The Me You Want To Be

I've just started reading John Ortberg's book - "The Me I Want To Be." It's a great book, and I recommend it so far if you're looking for a fresh outlook on becoming closer with God - and if you're sick of the same old - "do more if you want a better relationship with Him attitude."

When referring to the title of the book, Ortberg addresses a "gap" between the best version of you and the you that currently exists.

"Our problem is, we think we have to close the gap through our own ingenuity. Some people think if they just try harder, they can close the gap between the me God made them to be and the me that currently exists. They think they are simply not being heroic enough in their spiritual effort. 'I'll read another book, I'll listen to another talk. I'll learn some new disciplines. I'll serve more. I'll work harder. I'll try to be nice to the people in my life.'" p.37

After addressing the common occurrence of comparing ourselves to others who are more "spiritual" and becoming discouraged when we can't keep up with someone else's spiritual regimen, Ortberg reminds us that we need to "live from one moment to the next in flow with the Spirit - not in following rules or trying harder - so that you receive the power to flourish as the me God made you to be." p.39

I have such a hard time sticking to a regular Bible reading and prayer routine, but I feel closer to God than I have in a while. I feel his presence, I hear him answering my prayer and I know he's teaching me to trust him. This book is refreshing to me because - although I need to read my Bible and pray more regularly - my relationship with God is not determined or based on that schedule. It's also comforting to be reminded that everyone's relationship with God will look different. Just like we parent our children differently based on their needs, each of us has a unique relationship with God.

Please be encouraged to seek our your own relationship with God created specifically to be in-step with who God made you to be - His Masterpiece.

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