Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Keeping the house clean.

Here are a couple VERY early pictures of our new house. We're working on getting pictures hung on the wall and fine tuning our arrangements. Excuse the quality - they're from my phone.

This is half our our family room in our basement. On the wall in which I'm standing - are mostly toys. We have nothing on the walls yet - but we're working on it!

Below is our living room upstairs. To the left of the bookshelves is our front door/foyer. This room is mainly used as my office and for reading.

So, since moving, I've been REALLY trying to keep up on the housework. It's so hard. I could do maintenance cleaning all day long. I've really been engaging Hannah to clean up after herself and it seems to be working. Other than that - my must do's each day are the dishes and making our bed. With those two things done, I feel accomplished.

Another easy way to clean up? I keep a washcloth on the sink in the bathroom. Whenever I go in there and there's toothpaste stuck to the sink, I just grab it and give it a quick wipe. These little things keep the house feeling like it's picked up.

Lastly, I take MAYBE 15 minutes and just run through the house and pick up random toys, file bills, or pick up piles. Doing this every day keeps things from becoming overwhelming. (This is also working with unpacking.)

So get started with some baby steps today. Choose some "must-do" tasks each day and employ the 15-minute pickup technique and your home will seem much more manageable!

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