Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

Things are going pretty well in the "health" department. I had an eye doctor appointment on Monday and my eyes are doing very well. I can't ask for more.

My doctor's office is used to me having Hannah with me at my appointments. I go so often, and my appointments are usually so early, I just bring her.

She actually asked my doctor if he got a hair cut (and he did)! How does she notice this stuff?? My doctor has a personality similar to Matt's, very laid back and reserved emotions - but everyone treats Hannah so well there - it's like an extended family almost.

In other news, as far as the baby goes - I believe things are going well. I can feel movement which is very reassuring. I have an appointment next Thursday and I'm hoping to get my prescription for the ultrasound to determine if this baby is, in fact, the boy we're all so sure about!

I've been working very hard to exercise every day to balance out the massive amounts of food I've been eating! I may have overdone it yesterday - but it feels good to TRY to stay healthy when pregnant. I really am feeling huge and disgusting. Too small for maternity clothes and too large for my regular clothes. I wonder if I will ever see those pre pregnancy sizes again...

That's what's happening today...

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  1. You're not huge you're pregnant. No fret about your growing belly.... just enjoy each moment of this miracle. As your belly grows... your baby grows... that's a GOOD thing.. a VERY good thing! Don't let the joy of this pregnancy be stolen because you're "you feel huge". Cherish every day... rejoice... get a larger pair of pants.. and relax! ;-) Love ya!



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