Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Please excuse this choppy edition of Thankful Thursday. Usually it's a list, but it's more choppy because my brain is only working at half capacity. The mango-sized child in my womb is using the other half of my brain cells apparently.
19 weeks
18 weeks
•I really need to get back into the swing of blogging. I miss it. Above is my 19/18 week belly picture. I'm definitely carrying this baby lower than I carried Hannah, but I'm thankful I'm feeling lots of little kicks and for the most part am done vomiting. I have an occasional puke - but I'll survive.

•I'm thankful the fireworks tent is over and our kids are on their wait to Cambodia right now. That heat at the tent was almost unbearable, if I do say so myself. I swear we have the hottest summers the year I'm pregnant. Our team is in the air on the 15 hour flight from Atlanta to Korea, wherefrom they will head to Cambodia.

•We are in our new house and I'm loving it, but I'm looking forward to closing and being done with all this paper work!!

•I'm also thankful that, even though Matt is working in Cranberry now, 40 minutes further than Monroeville where he used to work, Westinghouse offers a FREE shuttle for this first year. If he had to drive (one of our VERY old cars) he would be paying over $100 a month JUST in tolls. The gas would be insane, and I'm just not sure our cars are up for that kind of wear and tear.

•I'm thankful, as always for my Hannah baby. She's just so sweet. I have been dragging the last couple days and after she saw me struggling to carry groceries in, she finished bringing them all into the kitchen, emptied every bag and put EVERYTHING away while I sat on the floor directing her. She truly is an amazing child. She never ceases to shock me. Today we were at a funeral home - where she knows to be quiet, but somehow she managed to have everyone smiling and laughing as she cuddled up to one of our former students - that she's never met. Maybe her gift is to bring sunshine even when people are sad. I think that's quite a gift to have.

•Finally, I'm thankful that we have our ULTRASOUND tomorrow. Will we be having a boy or a girl? Check back tomorrow afternoon for the scoop. We've already had one ultrasound where my littlest baby was stubborn!

God bless you and make sure you find something to be thankful for today.

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  1. Wow! Papa is takin care of your guys!..=] He's so awesome! Miss seeing you at Nexus!


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