Monday, August 30, 2010

Money Monday - Christmas Shopping...Now?

It's not so ironic that I'm already thinking about money this morning! Since it's the 30th, I was really hoping my paycheck would hit the bank today instead of tomorrow (the 31st), but I must wait another day. Oh well, I supposed we will survive. Looks like a spaghetti night for dinner, $10 in the gas tank, and one more day to stay away from retail therapy.

Since we had a month without a mortgage payment, we've been really trying to save enough this month to put that money into our savings account in order to replace some of what was used in the move. Sitting down to budget for September has been somewhat daunting as our mortgage and utilities have increased, we need more car and home repairs, and we have a baby on the way!

With all of this going on - I'm going to be very diligent (starting now) about saving for the holidays, and Christmas shopping early. I figured we can probably do Christmas in $400 or less this year, so if we save $100 a month, starting now - we should be good.

I also want to be done shopping by mid November since I'm due December 1. Who needs the stress of holiday shopping in the middle of December with a newborn and a Kindergartner? NOT ME!

So today - if you're with me, mentally plan out how you'll pay for Christmas this year. Set aside $5 here and $10 there. I know - I've never done it before either - but you'll be so glad when December comes around and you have money set aside for gifts! You can leave that credit card at home! Now that's getting rid of holiday stress!

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