Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips And Hints Tuesday - School Organization

As I struggle to believe that this little girl...

is now this little girl...

...I must think about school starting and organization. It's getting late, but we still do not have Hannah's teacher assignment, or instructions for the first day. However, the school calendar came out and I put all of dates she has off as well as holidays and school makeup days on my calendar.

Doing this will help you to have this information at your fingertips when planning family vacations and activities.

If you don't use a regular calendar, get one and use it.

Here are some of my back to school tips:

1. Put dates on your calendar: show and tell, school breaks, and permission slip due dates as soon as they come in.
3. Have a folder or a centrally located bin for each child's papers and stuff.
4. For every piece of artwork you save - throw three away. If you feel guilty about this, explain to your child that he or she must pick a favorite and toss the rest his/herself. There's just not enough room for all that paper clutter.
5. Have a clearly set after school routine. Your kids will appreciate it. I believe ours will look something like this.
6. Pack those backpacks and lunches at NIGHT so you're not rushing in the morning.

15-30 minutes to relax/snack
Family Time/Play Time

Find what works for you, but have a plan. Things go much smoother.

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