Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Water

I really need to get back into regular blogging because I miss it, and because Facebook can't handle all my thoughts and comments!

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant and feeling very well. I wish I could eat a little less, but it's a bit out of control :)

I've managed to continue a pretty normal exercise routine which I'm very glad about. I'd like to keep exercising until delivery, but realistically, I may have to slow things down to a walk during the last month. I have 16 weeks to go!

Here's my 24 week picture:

Anyhow, I do have a wellness Wednesday discussion for you. WATER! 

Typically, I could go an entire day without a drink of ANYTHING. I'm not generally a thirsty person and I don't love water. Give me juice, and I'll drink the entire half-gallon in a day. But, since I don't like to drink my calories, I usually drink NOTHING.

That's just not working for me now. It's so amazing how getting enough water changes your body. You fill up faster, and if you have digestive issues, getting enough of it may completely restore you to regularity. And, during this heat, swelling, water retention, and dehydration are a given! It is also thought that many headache-sufferers are lacking in water intake.

When I drink my full 8 glasses of water, I feel completely different - but it can be hard to get it in.

This is how I get water down:

Get a BPA free water bottle that you really like. I love this one in pink at Target.

Get the packets of Crystal Light Pure Fitness packets and sprinkle a little bit in your water every once in a while. No artificial sweeteners! 

Make a conscious effort to fill up a glass and drink it down in between meals. Chugging water at meals inhibits digestion.

When at a restaurant, try to drink your first glass of water before your meal comes.

Drink it at room temperature. It goes down easier.

So - go get some water :)

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  1. This is a great pic of you! :) You look so cute!
    On the water comment...even if you just add a little cranberry juice to flavor it up a little if you're not a water drinker. Better than the sugary stuff the Cranberry is great for your kidneys. :)


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