Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - What's lurking in your hair/skin products

Say hello to 25 weeks. It's 3am as I type this post and can't sleep because Hannah is having some pre-K jitters and I have some sort of pregnancy related stuffed up nose that's driving me NUTS!

Other than that and my large butt, I'm feeling fine and so is the rest of the family which I'm thankful for.

On to Wellness Wednesday:

Natural and organic products can be so expensive, but do you know what's in your shampoo? Your makeup? Many of us have heard of the term parabens and that they're bad, but why? Last time I checked (5 days ago) Johnson and Johnson still has them in their baby wash - so it can't be that bad right?

I was reading an article in this month's Taste For Life magazine that I receive free at the health food store near me and it made me shudder once again.

"Parabens are preservatives found in 75-90% of all conventional beauty care products. They can travel to body tissue and mimic the hormone estrogen." Have you heard of the rise in breast cancer? It has an entire awareness month! Much of the breast cancer seen recently is "estrogen fed." So many products (including soy) mimic estrogen in the body and are worth taking a second look at. It's been all but unanimously decided that synthetic estrogen is less than ideal for women going through menopause, but look at the other ways it's sneaking into our bodies!

"Propylene glycol is used to help seal in moisture, but it can contain impurities such as LEAD, NICKLE, or [get this!] ARSENIC!! It is also the active ingredient in ANTIFREEZE." This sickens me. Look at your makeup containers and your children's shampoo bottles, but stand near the toilet in case this bother's you as much as it bother's me.

Suave Naturals brand is an inexpensive way to avoid some of this. Their shampoo and body washes for children lack the aforementioned items, but I just checked my body wash which contains propylene glycol.

Obviously everything seems to be bad for us these days, and we can't win. I just suggest making minor changes where you can. Too much can be expensive and overwhelming, but education is the best weapon. BE INFORMED.

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