Monday, September 6, 2010

Money Monday - CHEAP home renovation.

I hope you're all enjoying your holiday Monday! I took a couple days off from blogging and really enjoyed spending a long weekend with my family after the first week of school. But, it's Monday morning at about 6:30am and I'm back to the grind, albeit enjoying the quietness of early morning.

I have been able to exercise and spend time reading my Bible already this morning, and I feel well!

If you are friends with me on facebook, you have no doubt, been seeing my excitement in our progress in little Miss Emma's bedroom. We removed carpet in 2 of our bedrooms when we moved into the house, but never managed to refinished the fairly beat up floors. Everyone told us it was a time consuming and expensive job.

Then, one of our friends mentioned that our floors didn't look stained and it seemed like they just might need a light sanding a clear coat of polyurethane. Well, that's the idea we investigated for Baby Emma's room. We aren't tackling the other bedrooms yet because it's a toxic job and the rooms are full of furniture!

None the less - I am excited to show you the finished project which (because it was a smallish room) took a minimal amount of labor and get this....$20!!!!!! That's why this is a Money Monday post, because I'm shocked at the outcome for such a cheap price and little hassle.

Here are the before and after photos:
I can't tell you how excited I am! Now I want to do the other floors!

Happy Labor Day everyone! (I'm giving Matt the day off  :)

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