Friday, September 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I haven't posted in a week or so. Things have just been pretty busy I guess - but I am very thankful this week for many things....

Hannah is FINALLY starting to adjust to Kindergarten! For the most part, this week she's been back to her old self with the exception of yesterday. She was asleep by 7pm! I think we're going to need to figure out some sort of adjustment regarding Wednesday night church - because she's losing over 2 hours of sleep that night. The options are - she doesn't go OR I go down to Nexus to set up earlier in the day and give her a nap after school. We'll try both and see what happens.

I'm in the 10 week countdown! I've always told pregnant people - wait until you get to the 10 week countdown - it goes fast (until the last 2 weeks that is!!) Woo hoo!

I'm thankful I'm back into reading my Bible. I'm still on my journey from reading the Bible from start to finish and this morning I made it to Esther!

I'm thankful God still loves me when I'm stupid...because I just realized it's not Thursday - It's Friday.

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