Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - A Day in the Hospital

Ah well - I suppose I was due.

Saturday morning, I just wasn't feeling right. I was feeling a lot of pressure among other things that just left me uncomfortable. I called the on-call doctor at the hospital who said I was probably fine, but to come in anyway.

I went in through the ER but was quickly whisked up to Labor and Delivery when they could see I was having trouble standing.

Can I just say - that from this point on - I have never had a more torturous experience??!! I've always been satisfied with Forbes Hospital. They delivered Hannah and took out my appendix. Neither procedure was easy on my body - but I was fine.


I am NOT a fan of residents. I know they have to do what they have to do - but please don't practice on me! One procedure left me with two bite marks in my arm because it was so painful. I don't like to think of myself as a wimp, or someone with low pain tolerance - but this was just awful.

After registering 4 contractions at 5 minutes apart and confirming that I was dehydrated - the nurses insisted on IV fluids. This was so frustrating! For the last 2 or 3 days I had be MEASURING my water to make sure I was drinking AT LEAST 8 glasses a day!

Well, the first nurse tried twice to start the IV line with no success. Blood everywhere. 4 MORE PEOPLE TRIED. JAMMING WRIGGLING AND GIVING ME THE PLAY-by-PLAY about how they were hitting valves and such. I wanted to puke. Finally they had to call anesthesia in to run the stupid line.

I'm scarred.

Once the contractions slowed and the IV was in - they let me go home waiting to confirm test results that preliminarily indicate that I also have an infection as well. Emma was fine the whole time - spunkily moving herself off the monitor constantly.

I came home  very depressed, feeling tortured and bummed at a beautiful Saturday with my family wasted - and even more irritated that our Red Box movie was going to be a day late. Blah.

Glad baby is healthy and staying put for now - but I am subsequently now nervous about labor and delivery - which I was not before!

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