Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Update

You know -  I'm so consumed with the new baby, that I never talk about my eyes anymore.

That's because - thankfully - there's nothing to talk about!

I had an eye doctor visit today with my favorite specialist and everything is fantastic. I had to confess that I only use one of the 3 drops I'm supposed to be putting in my eyes because I don't feel like it does anything!

The first lady I saw (who checks my stats and vision) gave me a bit of a hard time about it and put in my chart "NOT FOLLOWING DOCTOR'S RECOMMENDATIONS."


So, I told my doc I really wasn't using them because I didn't think I needed them and he said to go ahead and stop them because my eyes look great...So there, lady.

Other than that - I'm feeling pretty darn fantastic and looking forward to seeing my junior highers again tonight. I'm nervous about the stress that Wednesdays will bring now that Hannah is in school full time. She really needs her sleep! It's just a busy day - but I know we'll adjust.

Hope you're all feeling mighty healthy today! I gotta run to pick up my baby and get a move on with this evening!

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