Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Friday - Updates

These are two front pictures of just Emma's face. The top of her head is to the left. Her big Terebessy lips are to the right. We couldn't get a good 4D shot because her arms blocked her face completely.

Well I went in for my 34 week appointment and ultrasound yesterday.

Little Emma is...well, little.

In three weeks she has only gained about a half a pound. I was so hoping for a pound and a half.

She's about 4lb. She fell from the 37th percentile to the 18th percentile. This is concerning.

Good news? Everything else is good: Her heart rate, her movement, fluid levels, placenta - all look very good. This hopefully indicates that Emma is just a small baby.

The decided to do a non stress test (NST) at the office to monitor the baby's heart rate and fetal movement. Emma kept moving away from the heart monitor causing them not to get a good reading so I had to go over to the hospital AGAIN. I was there from 10:30am - 4pm. She looked good other than one heart rate dip to about 70. They think she might have just stepped on her cord briefly.

Here's the plan:

I will have appointments weekly with NSTs each time. As long as those are consistently good, at 37 weeks (3 weeks from now) I will have another ultrasound at which time they will determine whether Emma is safer inside my belly or outside. I may be induced then.

How do I feel? I was really hoping she was going to bigger than she is, but my ultimate hope was that they'd let me keep her inside for a couple more weeks, and I got that so I'm leaving it in God's hands. I am, however, extremely annoyed because my husband has forbidden me to exercise even though all the doctors said I still can. I'm completely miserable about it and I don't want any comments from the rest of you about how you agree with him - because I just don't wanna hear it! :)


As for our firstborn, she's doing well right now. Her persistent vomiting is currently on hiatus. I'm extremely disappointed in our pediatrician as I feel like she went way overboard with her suggestions as to what it could be and was trying to scare me. She spoke way to bluntly in front of Hannah saying she could die from a twisted bowel.  After taking Hannah to the nutritionist, they found that she has a parasite and gave me a calming spray to help with her anxiety.

If, after a month, Hannah does not show improvement, we will move forward with the doctor's suggestions for an upper GI and blood work. At this point, to me, that just seems like overkill.


I am looking forward to spending time with my family at Open Mic night tonight and at Zoo Boo tomorrow. There's lots of fun fall stuff going on and I'm loving the crisp cool weather.

Lots of love to those of you who care about all this stuff :) Thank you for your encouragement and prayers and stories of success. It is so helpful to know that I'm loved.

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