Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday - AHHHH my sweet bed has found me.

35 weeks today.

Well, Thursdays are my doctor day and just like the last 2 - I was there ALL DAY (9:30am-2pm) with this one. This child is going to send me to the nut house. 

When I got to the doctor they put me right on the monitors for my non stress test (NST). I was armed with Kool-Aid and a Poptart to get that little sucker moving so I didn't have to go over to the hospital again.

For twenty minutes that kid didn't move AT ALL. Turd. Her heart rate was steady but barely even moved - which isn't good. The nurse took the printout to the doctor who came in and said, "You're having an ultrasound." But, from the time the nurse left until the doctor came in, little Emma was going NUTS. I told him she was moving again and he looked and said she looked good now. Whew.

So,  I go back for my appointment. He measures my belly. STILL NO GROWTH!! I'm still 30 stinking centimeters (should be 35). My belly hasn't grown in 4 weeks and I had no weight gain from my last appointment (even though my scale at home said 2lb.)

I can tell he's going back and for in his head between: 

1. The baby is just small because I'm small.
2. What if something else is wrong?

He says - "Get dressed, I'm sending you to Allegheny General for a special ultrasound." He then walks out of the room leaving the door OPEN. That was interesting.

Finally a nurse came in and said that I was to go down to AGH to see a perinatologist who specializes in these sort of things to get a higher level ultrasound. We would see what she said and then, "discuss delivery options."

Enter lump in throat.

I call Matt and tell him he should probably come home because who knew if they were going to send me right to be induced if the ultrasound showed Emma in distress.

The appointment there was extremely fast. Baby looks good...She's SMALL. She's gained some weight since last week and stands (or swims) at about 4lb 13oz and in the 12th percentile. It looks like my placenta is functioning well, the cord is functioning well, and her heart beat, movement and fluid are all great. GREAT.

Concern: Her belly is what's measuring small. This can indicate lack of nutrients. So, they'll keep doing what they're doing. If she doesn't stay on HER growth curve (meaning a half pound of weight gain a week) she's coming out. Even if I do make it to 39/40 weeks the perinatologist wants to get her out. We want to leave the baby in as long as possible, but not too long. We have to weigh what's safer for Emma and if I'm full term - she might as well come out to be monitored.

So, I'm pretty calm about the whole thing. Matt never even made it down to AGH, but it was nice to have him here when I got home. He set up my pillows and my computer in our bedroom so I could lay here while he went to get Hannah from school. He's a good husband.

Lastly, Emma looks just like Hannah on the ultrasound. Big old lips and same button nose. It's so calming to see that precious face on there and know my beautiful second little girl is doing okay. She just likes to give people a run for their money. I guess I'm okay with that.

I'll post her ultrasound picture later. I think Matt took it with him to show Hannah. Thanks for all your prayers and concern.

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  1. All this fretting! Why don't they stop stressing you out?! I'm glad your heart is at peace, for now!


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