Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wellness Wednesday - Is this pregnancy over yet?

I went to the doctor's for a routine check up this morning.

Last night I had two dreams -

1. They told me something wasn't right with the baby.
2. I got stuck in an elevator (I hate elevators!)

Hence the start of my day...

I drop Hannah off at school. I haven't been feeling well, and while waiting for my appointment I had 8 contractions.

After running ANOTHER test for preterm labor - he says the baby is still small and that he wants me to go over to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to be monitored while we wait for the results of the tests.

My measurements were the same as 2 weeks ago - but he said that doesn't necessarily mean it's accurate since two different doctors were measuring me.

I was 30cm - and I should have been 33cm.

So I go over to the hospital - and see the same nurses who tortured me with needles last time.

All the while I'm thinking - I have so much to do today - and no one is giving me ANY explanation as to WHY the baby is small.

Finally - we determine that I will NOT go into preterm labor based on the test results. I am mildly dehydrated AGAIN, and that I need to start going in for weekly ultrasounds. The problem would be (if she's not just a small tyke) that the placenta is not giving my little one enough nutrients to grow for whatever reason. If at anytime, Emma hasn't grown since the previous week's measurements - they're taking her out immediately...Um....yikes.

The doctor on call at the hospital said that Emma's size according to my LAST ultrasound was small but not excessively small.

So I left the hospital and I'm continuing on with life. On my way out, I asked the nurses where the STAIRS were!

Please pray this little girl keeps growing strong.

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