Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Friday - Does Guilt Come with Parenting?

I'm feeling so guilty.

Hannah got an invitation to a birthday party. It's for a little girl in her school that I know she plays with and interacts with a good bit. We just got the invite on Monday in the mail and the party is tomorrow. I didn't even tell her about it. Matt said he would take her to the party, but I just asked him to call and tell them we couldn't make it.

I feel awful.

First of all - the party is at Chuck E. Cheese. Despite the fact that I'm a germ-a-phobe, you have to at least agree with me that, that is one germ infested place. I know she comes in contact with this stuff every day at school, I just really don't want to risk her getting sick with all that's going around, all that she's been through physically and emotionally, and the possibility that she might be sick when the baby comes (which could happen anyway.)

Second of all - We are constantly moving. With all of the stress of this pregnancy and how she's been managing school (which is finally settling down) I just hate to add ANOTHER thing to her schedule. Last weekend was an overload of events and I just feel like we need some downtime as a family - and she needs time to relax and recoup from the week.

Lastly, HOLY COW! MONEY. It's not a big deal to buy a gift for a kid, but come on. There's always something. I'm trying to finish Christmas shopping before Emma comes, we have to get a roof leak fixed, and our car is getting inspected today...Our 10 year old car. There's always some kind of birthday party or event to buy something for. Sometimes you just have to say no!

This post should have been encouraging YOU about how guilt is a natural emotion as a parent and we just need to learn to keep it in check, but I'm just feeling guilty about not telling her about it. I know she would have had a blast going to this party.

Am I just being selfish??

Maybe we'll do something else fun tomorrow or something.

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