Monday, November 1, 2010

Money Monday - Cars

Well, I feel like we've learned some lessons the hard way.

We've been duped by mechanics and it's getting old. Last month we paid $400 to "guarantee a fix" to our car and got completely cheated. We had the car back to the mechanic 3 times and each time, it was worse than the last.

When we took there, the engine lagged a bit when you first started the car. After they "fixed" it, it stalled every time you started it.

We got about $75 back and learned that location may be convenient, but reliability and honesty is better.

Our car is due for inspection and we're going to drive a little further for the honesty we know we'll get from someone else. I don't mind paying a little more if my car is going to be fixed! Just don't lie to me.

Matt has been putting a $3 bottle of "Gum Out" in the gas tank at every other fill up. Now, not only is the car not stalling, it's not lagging at all either...Pretty sad that our $9 fix cost us over $325 and 3 days without our car.

It's just difficult when you don't know about cars enough to argue with a mechanic. Oh well - lesson learned.

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