Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday


I know a lot of you have been wondering what's going on, and I've been pretty much MIA since my appointment today.

I was at the doctor's from 9:15am to 1pm. It's really enough to drive one insane. I'll spare you the annoying details and get to the specifics.

Emma fell below the 10th percentile and didn't gain much weight since the last ultrasound.

I'M THANKFUL THAT she is in no distress and, other than lack of weight gain, looks fine. (She's hairy like the rest of us too!)

I'm not dilated or they'd induce me now. So, I'll be seen two times a week to be checked to see if I'm dilated at all and to do a non stress test on the baby. If I start to dilate at any time, they'll induce. If Emma doesn't look good at any time, they'll induce. (They don't want to do so beforehand because of a high risk for a C Section.)

If I never dilate, I will be induced no later than Wednesday, November 24 (the day before Thanksgiving.) Who's bringing me turkey in the hospital???

Please pray that my body prepares itself so that it's ready for labor, and that Emma is completely healthy AND FAT. They believe she's just physiologically small at this point.

I'm frustrated and worried. I just want her to be healthy and I don't want to have a C Section. I just don't understand why she's so small and not growing well. I feel myself detaching from her a little bit emotionally because I can tell anxiety will take over if I don't.

I'll let you know what happens Monday. I'm hoping I'm dilated!

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