Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I suppose it's good that it's thankful Thursday. I'm thankful for so many things, but recently, I'm starting to have a hard time being positive.

Closing on this house is stressing me out, in one week both of our cars have broken down, and I run around doing things all day like a chicken with my head cut off and STILL nothing is done. I have done a pretty good job at blowing things off, but I'm struggling now because I'm hormonal and not sleeping enough.

Matt has been working in Cranberry now instead of Monroeville, so his day's are longer and he's out the door at five and home at six. He's ready for bed at 9:30 because he's so exhausted and we spend no time together.

Wait - my thankful Thursday turned into a whine....I'm just letting you know - it's good that I'm reminded to be thankful.

I'm thankful for our new house - I love it!

I'm thankful Comcast is going to come out and fix the crap job they did and pay for the damage from when they were here the last time!

I'm thankful I've been feeling my second little baby moving around in my belly every day lately. That's the best part of pregnancy.

I'm thankful my eyes are doing well.

I'm thankful for THE BEST firstborn in the world. The kid cleans her room, makes her bed, puts her dishes in the dishwasher, and does what she's asked the first time. She's just sweet as pie and I love her more every day.

Ok, that's all for now :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

Things are going pretty well in the "health" department. I had an eye doctor appointment on Monday and my eyes are doing very well. I can't ask for more.

My doctor's office is used to me having Hannah with me at my appointments. I go so often, and my appointments are usually so early, I just bring her.

She actually asked my doctor if he got a hair cut (and he did)! How does she notice this stuff?? My doctor has a personality similar to Matt's, very laid back and reserved emotions - but everyone treats Hannah so well there - it's like an extended family almost.

In other news, as far as the baby goes - I believe things are going well. I can feel movement which is very reassuring. I have an appointment next Thursday and I'm hoping to get my prescription for the ultrasound to determine if this baby is, in fact, the boy we're all so sure about!

I've been working very hard to exercise every day to balance out the massive amounts of food I've been eating! I may have overdone it yesterday - but it feels good to TRY to stay healthy when pregnant. I really am feeling huge and disgusting. Too small for maternity clothes and too large for my regular clothes. I wonder if I will ever see those pre pregnancy sizes again...

That's what's happening today...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Keeping the house clean.

Here are a couple VERY early pictures of our new house. We're working on getting pictures hung on the wall and fine tuning our arrangements. Excuse the quality - they're from my phone.

This is half our our family room in our basement. On the wall in which I'm standing - are mostly toys. We have nothing on the walls yet - but we're working on it!

Below is our living room upstairs. To the left of the bookshelves is our front door/foyer. This room is mainly used as my office and for reading.

So, since moving, I've been REALLY trying to keep up on the housework. It's so hard. I could do maintenance cleaning all day long. I've really been engaging Hannah to clean up after herself and it seems to be working. Other than that - my must do's each day are the dishes and making our bed. With those two things done, I feel accomplished.

Another easy way to clean up? I keep a washcloth on the sink in the bathroom. Whenever I go in there and there's toothpaste stuck to the sink, I just grab it and give it a quick wipe. These little things keep the house feeling like it's picked up.

Lastly, I take MAYBE 15 minutes and just run through the house and pick up random toys, file bills, or pick up piles. Doing this every day keeps things from becoming overwhelming. (This is also working with unpacking.)

So get started with some baby steps today. Choose some "must-do" tasks each day and employ the 15-minute pickup technique and your home will seem much more manageable!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Money Monday - Big Bucks

Well, house number one is SOLD!

The overwhelming thing about buying and selling houses is the amount of MONEY that changes hands. After last week, I feel like managing our budget is on the same scale as managing the money in Hannah's piggy bank.

It's so stressful worrying about making a mistake with hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The relief I felt when we walked away from that house was staggering. While I will miss our first house, and bawled like a baby the night before closing - it's a debt that isn't haunting me anymore - and we're no longer trying to maintain two houses.

There were a couple of glitches, but ultimately everything went VERY smoothly. Unbelievable. Two days before we closed we learned we needed to paint or tear down our shed before we could sell the house (the buyers ended up painting it) and after we closed, we found out the buyers didn't want to appraise the house for what we sold it for which would have left us out $4000. Luckily our agent knew the appraiser and convinced her that our lot size and the fact that he just sold a comp in our area for more made the house worth the money. Whew!

Now I'm just hoping we don't owe any recapture tax (which NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT) and we'll be golden.

Now we just need to close on the house we're living in now and life will be grand.

Since we're talking about money and this is my blog - I'd like to give my opinion on mortgage loans. Since we're Dave Ramsey fans we're desperately working hard to be able to get a 15 year mortgage with 20% down at 4.5%. It's has certainly not been easy, but if all continues to go well - it looks like we'll be able to do that and still have most of our emergency fund in place. I pray we're able to do this - but am nervous, understandably.

Let me leave you with some interesting stats on why this is a better deal.

Aside from getting a lower interest rate on a 15 year vs. a 30 year mortgage AND paying your home off in HALF the time, take a look at the interest savings in this hypothetical scenario:

$150,000 mortgage
30 year loan - 6.75% - you will pay $200,243 JUST in interest
15 year loan 6.5% - you will pay $85,199 in interest (a savings of $115,055! That's certainly nothing to blow off!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spiritual Sunday - The Me You Want To Be

I've just started reading John Ortberg's book - "The Me I Want To Be." It's a great book, and I recommend it so far if you're looking for a fresh outlook on becoming closer with God - and if you're sick of the same old - "do more if you want a better relationship with Him attitude."

When referring to the title of the book, Ortberg addresses a "gap" between the best version of you and the you that currently exists.

"Our problem is, we think we have to close the gap through our own ingenuity. Some people think if they just try harder, they can close the gap between the me God made them to be and the me that currently exists. They think they are simply not being heroic enough in their spiritual effort. 'I'll read another book, I'll listen to another talk. I'll learn some new disciplines. I'll serve more. I'll work harder. I'll try to be nice to the people in my life.'" p.37

After addressing the common occurrence of comparing ourselves to others who are more "spiritual" and becoming discouraged when we can't keep up with someone else's spiritual regimen, Ortberg reminds us that we need to "live from one moment to the next in flow with the Spirit - not in following rules or trying harder - so that you receive the power to flourish as the me God made you to be." p.39

I have such a hard time sticking to a regular Bible reading and prayer routine, but I feel closer to God than I have in a while. I feel his presence, I hear him answering my prayer and I know he's teaching me to trust him. This book is refreshing to me because - although I need to read my Bible and pray more regularly - my relationship with God is not determined or based on that schedule. It's also comforting to be reminded that everyone's relationship with God will look different. Just like we parent our children differently based on their needs, each of us has a unique relationship with God.

Please be encouraged to seek our your own relationship with God created specifically to be in-step with who God made you to be - His Masterpiece.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Friday - HUH?

Life has been a blur the last couple weeks. I'm just plugging along trying to get stuff done. The big moving day is tomorrow and I'm wondering where all the boxes in my basement are going to go! That makes me so nervous!

We have a ton more closet space in this house, but my basement is FULL of boxes that need to be moved over. Our basement is living space, not storage space in the new house. I just don't know where it's going to all go - and the task of unpacking seems so daunting to me!

My mom has been a huge help. She has been here two days this week helping me move boxes over and unpack them. Hannah's room is just about complete and my kitchen is stocked - which is unheard of I think! But, there is so much more to bring.

I guess, the title of this blog is "Huh?" because I don't know what family time is lately! BUT, one thing I do know is that, in a crunch, my family pulls together. Besides the fact that my poor mother is lifting huge boxes and solid wood furniture, ALONE, while my pregnant-self "supervises," Matt and I just seem to work together throughout the day to get stuff done. It's so refreshing to me to work together.

Hannah has been a sweet little joy. As soon as we get to the new house - she's off entertaining herself in her bedroom, downstairs in the family room, riding her bike, or hanging out on the deck picking the seeds out of helicopters for her "collection."

All of these things make it easier to transition from old house to new.

On a side note - My child is amazing - She just got out of bed (6:15am - not so amazing) and the first words out of her mouth are wishing me a Happy Birthday! I LOVE HER!

Well, my morning ramblings must end, so this long day can begin.

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