Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Friday - Lighten Up

Okay, it's no secret that I'm a little tightly-wound. (Go ahead, have a little chuckle and nod your head.)

But, I try to at least be aware of who and HOW I am, and lighten up every now and then. On New Years Day this year, we were all pretty miserable. Matt had the nasty cold we all passed around, the baby was STILL feeling fussy from it, and I was exhausted...and Hannah wanted to play.

For Christmas, she received a Fancy Nancy book about a spa day, "ooh la la!" Fancy Nancy creates a nice little pampering session for her mother and tells little girls exactly how to do it for THEIR mothers. She even, so thoughtfully, includes a recipe for a honey banana face mask.


Enter Hannah, so excited to do such a "nice" thing for her mommy. I wish I had pictures. I had just gotten out of the bath tub and she had transformed her room. There were pillows and towels all over the floor, the "Cartoon Song" was on repeat to create a "relaxing" atmosphere. She made me put a towel on my head, put that goopey face mask on me, gave me a massage, painted my fingers and toes (in a rainbow fashion,) and she even made a "foot bath" with a container full of her gems as massage beads. HOW CUTE IS THAT??

I really had to get into the frame of mind to let her put that mask on my face (and I even gagged a little), but she was so excited to do it. She kept referring back to her book for instructions. We had such a fun time!

As I said, I'm usually pretty high strung and I've created a high strung daughter. I think it's important, however you are, to relax a little and have a good time. Make a little mess, get a little dirty. She'll remember this for a long time. Are my toes painted like rainbows? Yep, and she did a great job "staying in the lines." It's a reminder to me of a fun time we had together, and how much I love my Hannah.

So, today, lighten up. Get a little messy. And create some memories.

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